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MMA in Qatar

The first question I think I should answer is what is MMA? MMA stands for mixed marshal arts. Back in the day – I’m talking about in the 1990s I used read a magazine called COMBAT – there used to be a buzz about Bushido – which when translated literally means the “way of the […]

BJJ in Qatar and the rest of the Middle East

BJJ is a growing sport out here in the middle east and nowhere more so than in Qatar. BJJ in Qatar was introduced by two or three individuals about 5 years ago. Before this the only martial arts were really Judo, Karate and Taekwondo which I’d say lack effectiveness on their own. There was some […]


Now as I said buying BJJ and MMA gear has been a nightmare for me in the last five years or so. Living in Qatar has meant not really having access or even anyone who really knew what to look out for. The market for martial arts is extremely young out here. My first GI […]

It was time….

If you were anything like me you might have done the following : 1) Buy a judo GI 2) Buy a GI that shrunk to a 10 year old. 3) Buy a karate kimono that ripped on first use. 4) Buy a rash guard which frayed within weeks. 5) Buy a GI that didn’t shrink […]