Ego, injury and BJJ improvement….

… many times have you heard the phrase “leave your ego at the door”. (Check out Inner BJJ Ego Discussion) You and I both know its not that easy. The coach understands – since he’s been through it – and trys to ensure the “crazies” in the room don’t go around hurting eveyone. Hating to get tapped can seriously block your progress – ask me I’ve hurt a knee and two thumbs !!! And ended up unable to train any sport for at least 2 months because of it.
The two mistakes I made :-
1) Being too tense and not analysing the position I was getting caught – the definition of in sanity is doing the same action again and again and expecting a different result !!!
2) Listening to the the sidelines but not understanding or reacting decisively enough. Have a few game plans you can switch between because the first one may not work again your opponent.
Reflecting on my experience here’s what I need to do:-
1) Relax and not try to muscle it even with a bigger guy – you have to keep your mind on the technique.
2) Make sure you have a response – escape / attack from each position – if you don’t know what you’re doing in a position how will you get a submission. Position is before submission as long as you know the submission !!

Last week for my evening shift – I’m starting to catch a little cold pschologists say this happens because you’re anxious about the holiday or even the weekend that’s coming up but I’m hoping I clear it out with Vitamin C fixes !!