BJJ King of Youtube

I have to say I have had a lot of fun over the last 3 mnths or so watching Jason Scully’s videos. Some really cool stuff and he explains things so well without any hype and in a very practical and down to earth manner.
I particularly like the series of videos which show you x number of guard passes, submissions or escapes etc.. The most recent one – its a lot to take in- too much in fact and ruins your game if you try to implement everything. Had some great advice yesterday “take one thing and perfect it” something I haven’t really be doing rather I’ve been watching a full DVD without even trying any of the moves and then expecting them to come easy and disregarding the technique “since it doesn’t work for me”. Rather naive I know but need to keep this lesson in the forefront of my mind.
Jason’s approach is excellent – he’s doing a much more softer sell than Lloyd and it would be interesting to know which one is more effective. I suppose in BJJ we say don’t muscle it it’ll come naturally……
Was feeling under the weather during my last training session and once again found myself passing my opponent’s guard only to be reversed into side mount which sapped all my energy trying to escape. The hatmaker’s DVDs had overloaded my brain and all of a sudden my standard escapes didn’t work. Hadn’t eaten meat in the afternoon – found it slowed me down immensely … strangely I’ve found too much eating ends up making me feel weak and drained. Looked into this and found various thoughts on what to eat and when to eat but the overall lesson was listen to your body since only you know it.

Wisdom for this week is don’t become a “jack of all trades master of none”.