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I know its been a while and I apologise to all my regular blog readers but I’ve been busy trying break free !! I’ve been training regularly and feel I’m back into the groove after the summer break and have found myself moving forward, albeit slowly !

Anyway had some great rolling partners who have pushed me to my limits and kept me evolving. Its strange how when I first received my blue belt I thought I wasn’t ready – I think I need to have more trust in the coach and more confidence in my abilities. My submissions still leave a lot to be desired but I’ve been moving forward and have found it relatively easy to deal with most white belts. There are probably some crazy wrestlers out there that would keep me on my back but for the normal average newby I feel quite comfortable picking and choosing my attacks.

BJJ match timer and score keeper

BJJ Timer

Why did I not progress as fast as others? The answer is simple a lack of consistency. BJJ just like learning a language – is a slow process of absorption – you can’t learn the techniques and expect them to be automatic the night before a tournament – rather you have to drill and refine each and every move. The less often you do this the slower your progress and the more likely you’ll forget past instruction. In the beginning during the years of YouTube instruction my consistency was 1 month on 2 months off – my year off definitely didn’t help but was needed to help my knee fully recover but I should have been drilling if not rolling – time lost never to return.

My advice to everyone – just keep rolling !