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Dreaming BJJ

Can you believe it – I’m getting withdrawal symtoms – dreaming about Brazillian Jujitsu and whooping someone’s butt just ain’t healthy !!!! Anyhow just thinking about submissions from the guard. Come across some great triangle ones that use armdrags and knee pushs to fake your opponent and them WHAM you hit them with the triangle. […]

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The beginning……

Ego ego ego – let’s leave it at the door ….. Everyone always says this but you know it feels good when you win !!!! Been doing a few BJJ drills with the kids – trying stay sharp until training is back on. The kids are loving it …. Looking back at my life in […]

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Lack of training is killing me…

With a thumb injury, and a knee injury and no bjj dojo things are looking dire. I managed to scrape a BJJ blue belt just before my holidays which was great but I now need to ensure my game matches my belt. No more sloppy techniques. I hurt my thumb after falling onto my thumb […]

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