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Shoulder Injuries in BJJ

In BJJ just like in any sport, injuries are common- I actually now think they are part of the journey and possibly unavoidable. During your journey to Black if you haven’t had an injury you should buy your instructor a present !! Injuries generally make you wiser and eventually stronger and more skilful. I’ve had […]

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BJJ Awakening in Qatar

I was recently pointed to an excellent article about the learning process in BJJ. Its not something I’m unfamiliar with since I’ve specialised in education and training and the same principles apply be it in the gym or in a workshop…. The arcticle brings together a lot of different areas and focuses really well on […]

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Neck Problems in BJJ

Qatar BJJ – The Weakest Link

The weakest link – a phrase I first heard on a TV quiz show – can be applied to your life and health in so many ways. The weakest link for Qatar BJJ out here in the middle east is the lack of government support and general public interest in sport. What’s my weakest link- […]

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How to Make A Grappling Dummy For BJJ

Now this project was big…. the wife and kids were away and I had a ton of other stuff to do but I always envied the other BJJ guys on the amount of time they had free – or made free – to go train – so I made a decision to make a grappling […]

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The Right Sparring Partner

After having been injured and out of the game for about 12 months I really took my selection of training partners seriously. I became very picky about who I rolled with and when. There are some underground games at play when you roll with a higher belt after you’ve rolled with the heaviest most muscular […]

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BJJ Neck Injury

I’ve had a stiff neck for the past 4 weeks and its been a bummer. I’ve tried stretching and relaxing and everything except for not training !! Anyway worked out the official name for this is a cervical strain/sprain. the main thing is to facilitate healing using techniques that one can do without specialist health. […]

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This is Jujitsu – Marcelo Garcia

Marcelo Garcia is maybe one of the most successful middleweight BJJ grapplers ever… ! With a very relaxed temperament and always with a smile on his face this Alliance student has won gold at the BJJ world championships five times…. no disputing his record. Strangely enough he comes from a very sleepy and out of […]

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Getting the basics right !

Most grapplers think basic techniques suck. That’s right. Everyone hates the basics because they know thm. They want something which gives them an ooh or an aaahhhh some wicked round the leg rolling drill which gets you thinking how does he do that? The crowd pleases flying triangles,flying armbars etc… and real crowd impressers but […]

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MMA in Qatar

The first question I think I should answer is what is MMA? MMA stands for mixed marshal arts. Back in the day – I’m talking about in the 1990s I used read a magazine called COMBAT – there used to be a buzz about Bushido – which when translated literally means the “way of the […]

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BJJ in Qatar

BJJ in Qatar and the rest of the Middle East

BJJ is a growing sport out here in the middle east and nowhere more so than in Qatar. BJJ in Qatar was introduced by two or three individuals about 5 years ago. Before this the only martial arts were really Judo, Karate and Taekwondo which I’d say lack effectiveness on their own. There was some […]

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