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Now as I said buying BJJ and MMA gear has been a nightmare for me in the last five years or so. Living in Qatar has meant not really having access or even anyone who really knew what to look out for. The market for martial arts is extremely young out here. My first GI […]

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BJJ and MMA equipment for the middle east.

It was time….

If you were anything like me you might have done the following : 1) Buy a judo GI 2) Buy a GI that shrunk to a 10 year old. 3) Buy a karate kimono that ripped on first use. 4) Buy a rash guard which frayed within weeks. 5) Buy a GI that didn’t shrink […]

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Bodybuilder v BJJ

Got a crazy strong guy in the gym with zero technique the only way to get him is to wear him out… this raises the question what do you do once the guy gets some techniques under his belt ? Ok he still might not be as good as you but he’s damn well stronger […]

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The Haters – Talking C**p and Spreading It

According to The Online Slang Dictionary, the definition of a hater is as follows: Hater (noun):   A person who disapproves of something A person who is jealous One who “player hates” that is – disapproves of players A person who criticizes something Examples include: “Tyler is always gets more ….” “Man, my idea […]

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Which is a Bigger Accomplishment – an Armbar or a Triangle?

Once you’ve passed the newbie stage and travelled down the road a bit in your BJJ career, you start to work out what you’re good at – I’m still trying to answer that question ?!  Which submissions do you favour? Do you like playing from the top or bottom etc.. Now the difference between an […]

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Metamoris a New Arena for a New Generation of BJJ

Roger Gracie (white gi) fends off his aggressor Marcus “Buchecha” Almeida in the October 14 debut of Metamoris. Image courtesy Metamoris. Massive event huge publicity overwhelming success. Getting some big names on the mat through special invites in a submission only format was simply genius.  20 minute rounds would seriously test the best of us […]

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Getting Older

BJJ can be quite safely practiced over forty if you adhere to several safeguards. I know quite a few guys who are nearing the big four zero and are saving themselves from injury by just being very careful. Under forty you shouldn’t really have too much of a problem with the young punks that walk […]

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Transitional System

I think Lloyd Irvin has really broken new ground. Check out his video about his transitional system. Superb explanation of principles and leaves me wanting more. Not like his past “salesman” type videos and the like this one really gives you a taste of why and how this guy has produced so many quality BJJ […]

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BJJ King of Youtube

I have to say I have had a lot of fun over the last 3 mnths or so watching Jason Scully’s videos. Some really cool stuff and he explains things so well without any hype and in a very practical and down to earth manner. I particularly like the series of videos which show you […]

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Postion Before Submission

I never really believed it… “those blues and purples just want to keep me down. They don’t want to give me their real secrets – they want to stay on top.” Strangely enough now I’m saying the same thing “You need to understand each position and control your opponent before you’re going to be able […]

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