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Buying a GI

There are tons of sites selling GIs – all sort of cuts and designs. Here are my experiences :- 1) My first GI was a mish mash of top and bottom – the top fit ok but the bottoms really were too small around the length if you know what I mean so I ended […]

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Ego, injury and BJJ improvement….

… many times have you heard the phrase “leave your ego at the door”. (Check out Inner BJJ Ego Discussion) You and I both know its not that easy. The coach understands – since he’s been through it – and trys to ensure the “crazies” in the room don’t go around hurting eveyone. Hating to […]

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All those plans…

“The best laid plans go to waste after the first shot is fired……” Not sure where I got that quote from but it sounds like Winston Churchill. It’s quite apt for my current state. I’ve had a horrible last couple of months – No BJJ – Extra Work – Kids Ill – Wife Away and […]

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Starting To Get Rusty

I feel like I’m getting rusty. With the flu and being stuck with two shifts at work I’ve simply got no time to keep up with all my commitments. Unfortunately my BJJ and training has taken the hit. I going to make a concerted effort this week to at least do some cardio strength training. […]

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Sport BJJ has its place but submissions are what you should always be on the look out for. Possibly through a lac of instructor and / or being adviced not to worry about submissions I really let my BJJ down by not having several attacks from the different positions. You need to know how to […]

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Chokes chokes chokes chokes. Once you get the mechanics right you find you can apply them from nearly any position. Understanding a choke and what it consists of can make a big dent in your percentages.. Typically chokes consist of one arm provding the base – or fixed point / arm – and the other […]

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Dreaming BJJ

Can you believe it – I’m getting withdrawal symtoms – dreaming about Brazillian Jujitsu and whooping someone’s butt just ain’t healthy !!!! Anyhow just thinking about submissions from the guard. Come across some great triangle ones that use armdrags and knee pushs to fake your opponent and them WHAM you hit them with the triangle. […]

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Lack of training is killing me…

With a thumb injury, and a knee injury and no bjj dojo things are looking dire. I managed to scrape a BJJ blue belt just before my holidays which was great but I now need to ensure my game matches my belt. No more sloppy techniques. I hurt my thumb after falling onto my thumb […]

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