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Getting the basics right !

Most grapplers think basic techniques suck. That’s right. Everyone hates the basics because they know thm. They want something which gives them an ooh or an aaahhhh some wicked round the leg rolling drill which gets you thinking how does he do that? The crowd pleases flying triangles,flying armbars etc… and real crowd impressers but […]

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Transitional System

I think Lloyd Irvin has really broken new ground. Check out his video about his transitional system. Superb explanation of principles and leaves me wanting more. Not like his past “salesman” type videos and the like this one really gives you a taste of why and how this guy has produced so many quality BJJ […]

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Postion Before Submission

I never really believed it… “those blues and purples just want to keep me down. They don’t want to give me their real secrets – they want to stay on top.” Strangely enough now I’m saying the same thing “You need to understand each position and control your opponent before you’re going to be able […]

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Listening to the Right People and Ignoring the Rest !

Recently met up with an old training partner one who as always given me awesome advice on how to move my game up. You always find there are a few people you meet who are worth their weight in gold – you ask them a question and they respond in terms you understand – if you come […]

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