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BJJ Awakening in Qatar

I was recently pointed to an excellent article about the learning process in BJJ. Its not something I’m unfamiliar with since I’ve specialised in education and training and the same principles apply be it in the gym or in a workshop…. The arcticle brings together a lot of different areas and focuses really well on […]

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The Right Sparring Partner

After having been injured and out of the game for about 12 months I really took my selection of training partners seriously. I became very picky about who I rolled with and when. There are some underground games at play when you roll with a higher belt after you’ve rolled with the heaviest most muscular […]

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Natural Law

I know its been a while and I apologise to all my regular blog readers but I’ve been busy trying break free !! I’ve been training regularly and feel I’m back into the groove after the summer break and have found myself moving forward, albeit slowly ! Anyway had some great rolling partners who have […]

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The Year of Muscle

Each year I’ve been training has had a theme.   Year 1 – The year of rolling and being used as a wrestling partner !! Year 2 – The year of Youtube and being used as a wrestling dummy !!! Year 3 – The year of having a coach and going into temporary wrestling retirement !! I’m not quite sure what […]

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Reflecting on Your Wrestling

This year so far has been one of improvement. I’ve changed the way I think of BJJ immensely. This sport is more than going head to head with another man its about going head to head with yourself – you really do need to reflect on yourself rather than your coach or your partners only […]

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More Blogs !

Came across a fantastic site 365 days of BJJ. Just imagine that being able to train 365 days a year !! With all our commitments and the like it really is difficult just getting 2 days a week – I can see a lot of similarities with me and the person in this blog and […]

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How we learn

Was browsing the web and came a across a number of theories on how we learn practical skills. * Imitation — Observing and patterning behavior after someone else – normally the coach. Performance may be of low quality ( definitely in my case). * Manipulation — Being able to perform certain actions by following instructions. […]

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