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Now as I said buying BJJ and MMA gear has been a nightmare for me in the last five years or so. Living in Qatar has meant not really having access or even anyone who really knew what to look out for. The market for martial arts is extremely young out here. My first GI […]

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BJJ and MMA equipment for the middle east.

It was time….

If you were anything like me you might have done the following : 1) Buy a judo GI 2) Buy a GI that shrunk to a 10 year old. 3) Buy a karate kimono that ripped on first use. 4) Buy a rash guard which frayed within weeks. 5) Buy a GI that didn’t shrink […]

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Qatar BJJ and Desert Force

For those of you who know me you’ll know I’m based in Qatar a small Emirate in the Gulf. BJJ unlike in Abu Dhabi has little if any support from the sporting authorities and much of what has been established has been down to the committed few – well done – you know who you […]

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The Grappling Creed – Lloyd Irvin

Lloyd Irvin really shines once yu start digging under the surface – as part of the grappling creed he says: “I believe that the mind of a Grappler contains the Greatest of all forces….. I believe in the I DO, as well as the I AM. I know that the grappler who will take advantage […]

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The Haters – Talking C**p and Spreading It

According to The Online Slang Dictionary, the definition of a hater is as follows: Hater (noun):   A person who disapproves of something A person who is jealous One who “player hates” that is – disapproves of players A person who criticizes something Examples include: “Tyler is always gets more ….” “Man, my idea […]

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The Making of a Legend ?

Let’s be honest most people hate a salesman and I’m no exception. They make promises and come out with a ton of claims which to some extent aren’t totally true. I know I’ve spoken about the marketing strategies of Lloyd Irving in the past but I have to give credit were credit is due. Check […]

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Reflecting on Your Wrestling

This year so far has been one of improvement. I’ve changed the way I think of BJJ immensely. This sport is more than going head to head with another man its about going head to head with yourself – you really do need to reflect on yourself rather than your coach or your partners only […]

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Why can’t I submit?

This is a question that has haunted me for erm… years now – yes I’ve been trainingin BJJ for about 2-3 years on and off.   Why is it I can’t submit easily?   I’ll occasionally catch a newby in a submission. I find I’m too “one dimensional” with my submission attempts. I don’t really train submissions […]

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Does Your Instructor Still Compete in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Tournaments? |

We know that competing pushes us to be in better physical shape and whether we win or lose we always learn more about our jiu-jitsu.   The question in the headline was posed as part of the poll at Podcast Poll and is a very valid question. A good instructor is not always good at […]

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Listening to the Right People and Ignoring the Rest !

Recently met up with an old training partner one who as always given me awesome advice on how to move my game up. You always find there are a few people you meet who are worth their weight in gold – you ask them a question and they respond in terms you understand – if you come […]

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